Clearwater Beach, White Sand and Clear waves

I just wanted to share one of my most favorite Beaches ~ Clearwater Beach. If you have never been it’s an amazing place filled with lots to do. Located on the Gulf side of Florida, near Tampa not to far a drive. Not only do they have a great beach to walk up and down on but,ImageImageImageImageImage they have a pier for looking above the water and of course fishing too. You walk out to the end of the pier after paying a few bucks and fish all day. But we are usually there for the waves and the sand. Lots of shells and the clearest water you have ever seen. It is voted one of Florida’s best beaches and now I know why. And it’s home to Winter the Dolphin.


Indian Rocks Beach ~ Florida

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf side of Florida. It has beautiful white sand, lots of shells and warm water. Our family loves to collect lots of shells and take long walks on this beautifulImage, peaceful beach. The waves are calm and the water is clear. This beach reminds me a lot of Sanibel Island with all the shells on it. If you have never been Sanibel is by Ft. Myers on the gulf side and is well know for it mega amount of shells all over the beaches. ImageThe sunsets are stunning at Indian Rocks Beach and it also is home to many birds that run along the edge of the waves. Dolphins have also been seen swimming off shore, while we were there and we ran into the water to take a closer look. This is hands down one of my family’s favorite spots on the Gulf.