Clearwater Beach – A Must Visit For Any Beach Goer

It’s one of my favorite Beaches in the World – with gorgeous white sugar sand and calm blue/green water it’s one of the best Gulf Beaches in Florida. Don’t get me wrong the crowds can be big and the space limited during the summer months but that just means one thing get there early. Since, it can be crowded be prepared to take a few extra minutes to find parking too. You will not want to miss out on the fun and that includes people watching, remember people come from all over to this beach. Like most attractions there’s  a lot  of shopping, eating and recreation surrounding it. Also it has a great pier to walk out onto and go fishing at the end of it. And across the street there are many boats to take a ride on or even a dinner cruise.




Now close your eyes and imagine a place where you would go even on a cloudy day as you see here. It still has the tranquility and peace to draw you to the water. It is a beach that as soon as people come to Florida they want to go to Clearwater and I was the same way when I first got here. It’s reputation is known all over. One thing though not many shells here, but there are some.

Lots of beautiful Palm Trees, and a calm wind give Clearwater Beach that special feel to a great day.

Enjoy The Day 😉

Peace, ❤ and Shells