Visit St. Pete/Clearwater Showcases Exciting Drone Technology

What do you think? I guess it’s the future 
New Video Features State-of-the-Art Technology Highlighting Area

St. Pete/Clearwater, FL (December 2, 2013) – Maybe you saw the news about Amazon’s plans to ship products via drones at some point in the future. Well, Amazon’s not the only organization tapping into state-of-the-art drone technology.
Drone VideoIn a new video, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater showcases a local photographer who captures images of the area like never before utilizing the unmanned radio-controlled devices.
The two systems are similar, however. Local resident Kevin Starkey is utilizing a quadcopter, a radio controlled device with four rotors, which is equipped with an onboard camera that links to flight goggles.

The result is incredible footage of parks, beaches, attractions and hotels throughout St. Pete/Clearwater from perspectives never seen before—like the photo above of the Renaissance Vinoy in downtown St. Pete. The flying device and technology goes places manned-vehicles can’t—like under tree limbs at Philippe Park or alongside buildings, and the resulting images are like none you’ve ever seen before.

See for yourself.


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VSPC Rocks ‘100 Days of Summer’ With New Twist


St. Pete/Clearwater, FL (May 22, 2013) – Though St. Pete/Clearwater is justifiably renowned for its casual vibe and laid-back beach appeal, those with a sense of history know that this place has been truly rocking for a long time.

Like back in ’61, when Doors front man Jim Morrison did a stint at St. Pete Junior College. Or in ’65, when the Rolling Stones penned their classic “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” in a Clearwater hotel room after a riot at Jack Russell Stadium. Or in February of ’77, when Elvis Presley rocked St. Pete’s Bayfront Center so hard he broke his guitar strap—then handed his guitar to a stunned fan in the front row.

Or even more recently—like in 2006 when British super-group Coldplay shot their “Hardest Part” video on a makeshift stage in downtown St. Pete. Or in 2007, when country superstar Carrie Underwood shot her lush, black-and-white “Wasted” video at Fort De Soto Park.

So in honor of this rockin’ heritage, this summer St. Pete/Clearwater will be rocking its 100 Days of Summer all over again with an amped up theme—Where Summer Rocks—a multi-tiered summertime promotion designed to celebrate everything that rocks about the St. Pete/Clearwater area.
Elements include all-new TV, radio and online ads driving visitors to a day-by-day calendar of the coolest things to see and do for the whole family all summer long, plus a chance to win a smokin’ grand prize: a Rock Star Getaway, complete with a week-long stay in a luxury waterfront hotel, round-trip airfare, concert tickets, a photo shoot, shopping spree and more.

The promotion, which kicks off Memorial Day Weekend and runs for 100 days through Labor Day Weekend, also includes weekly prizes via various social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (#WhereSummerRocks) where visitors can showcase how they rocked St. Pete/Clearwater with their very own “Rockumentary.”


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This is one of my favorite beaches. Just Beautiful and lots of Fun!!

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Sunset Over Tampa Bay

I love going to the beach and watching the sunset. It is one of my most favorite things about living in Florida. It is amazing how the sun comes up/down and reflects off the ocean, it creates such a beautiful background. The colors of orange and blues are breath taking. The birds flock to this area because, of all the sunshine and fish.




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Safety Harbor, Florida


If you don’t know Safety Harbor, Florida it’s on the Gulf side near Tampa. I recently discovered this wonderful place on my beach quest. It’s a quaint little town that’s very peaceful and small but, big on ocean views and fun. As we discovered it, we were so surprised how beautiful it was and just really nice. This is what a beach town should be and with Starbucks, it’s very own spa and resort, and quaint little shops it can’t be beat.

SunnyDays Everyday

SunnyDays Everyday


It’s right out of small town America. It definitely has something for everyone on the each corner, how could you not want to stay a while? As we headed to the water we went down a long dock (fishing pier), we noticed the beautiful rays of sun hitting the water and in the water a “ray” just swimming around. I had never seen that before so we were in amazement, one just Frolicking below us.

Safety Harbor

Safety Harbor

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Treasure Island ~ Florida

The name says it all! It truly is one of Florida’s treasures. This beach has become one of my favorites because when I saw it, I was amazed. One afternoon while we were driving, we actually had plans to hit another beach but took a wrong turn. It was lucky we did because we ended up following signs to Treasure Island. After crossing a small bridge to get to it we arrived at yet another touristy location with lots of shops and restaurants but, that’s not surprising who wouldn’t come here for a great vacation. The sand was beautiful. This beach was a bit of walk to the water, a longer one than I was used to with other Gulf Side Beaches. It was worth it and the water still a little chilly for March but, swim we did. I have to say I would go back here a million times.


Hope you enjoyed my pictures of Treasure Island, if you get a chance to visit, do so you will love it !!  Thanks for Stopping and Enjoy!!!


Clearwater Beach, White Sand and Clear waves

I just wanted to share one of my most favorite Beaches ~ Clearwater Beach. If you have never been it’s an amazing place filled with lots to do. Located on the Gulf side of Florida, near Tampa not to far a drive. Not only do they have a great beach to walk up and down on but,ImageImageImageImageImage they have a pier for looking above the water and of course fishing too. You walk out to the end of the pier after paying a few bucks and fish all day. But we are usually there for the waves and the sand. Lots of shells and the clearest water you have ever seen. It is voted one of Florida’s best beaches and now I know why. And it’s home to Winter the Dolphin.