INSIDE OUT – In Theatres Everywhere Today + Nail Art Designs

INSIDE OUT – In Theatres Everywhere Today + Nail Art Designs.


Video – Disney Cruise Line Meet-up Q & A session

We had the pleasure of attending the first-ever Disney Cruise Meet-up last month at the Boardwalk Resort and this video recording was the questions and answer session. The meet-up was to announce the exciting new shows at Disney Cruise Line for guests.  In Spectacular and tremendous excitement we learned of a new Tangled musical, Star Wars- Day at Sea and Frozen – Freezing the Night Away Show. Hope you Enjoy 🙂

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MONKEY KINGDOM – Happy Earth Day & New Clips Available!!!

With Disneynature’s MONKEY KINGDOM now playing in theatres everywhere, I wanted to send around 2 fun new clips and a featurette that has a never before seen interview with Dr. Jane Goodall!

See MONKEY KINGDOM opening week (April 17-23) and Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to Conservation International to help protect monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitats. Learn more at

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MONKEY KINGDOM is now playing in theatres everywhere!

A Rainbow of Colors Under a Blue Sky

It is amazing to me the details and the work that went into creating a lot of the designs at this year’s Epcot Flower and Garden festival. Being an avid gardener myself I would love one in my yard, just thought – that’s an interesting image. Walking out in your backyard and this giant life size Elsa, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Anna or even Goofy, Ah-mazing. Another dream of mine would be to work there and create my own character topiary. I get so excited when the festival comes around each year, one of the things I must remind myself is you can take more than one day to see them all. But I do like to ignore that and run around the park and see everything in one day feet killing me and all. I love how they have food to guide you along the way as your taking in all the sights. The Kale Salad was amazing and I wish I could get that recipe. Thinking of my favorite place to see blue sky and a rainbow of colors.

Hope you enjoy them!!

anna elsa Collage

daisy 1 Collage

My Interview with Producer/Writer of Walt Before Mickey: Arthur L. Bernstein By: Chelsea Pulver

Started with a Mouse


Walt Before Mickey is a movie based on a book of the same name by Timothy S. Susanin. It’s the only movie approved by the Disney family and even has a forward by Walt’s daughter Diane Disney Miller! It tells the story of Walter (Walt) Elias Disney’s Early Years, 1919-1928, from his days in Kansas City, MO, at Laugh-O-Gram Studios to Los Angeles, CA, and Disney Brothers Studios, now known as Walt Disney Studios or the Walt Disney Company. The tentative release date is April 18 or 19, 2015. It’s rumored that it will show at the Tribeca Film Festival that weekend.

Walt Before Mickey is directed by Khoa Le, was produced and written by Armando Gutierrez and Arthur L. Bernstein, and has a pretty stellar cast for being a low-budget independent film. Some of the cast includes Thomas Ian Nicolas (American Pie) as Walt, John Heder (

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