A Rainbow of Colors Under a Blue Sky

It is amazing to me the details and the work that went into creating a lot of the designs at this year’s Epcot Flower and Garden festival. Being an avid gardener myself I would love one in my yard, just thought – that’s an interesting image. Walking out in your backyard and this giant life size Elsa, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Anna or even Goofy, Ah-mazing. Another dream of mine would be to work there and create my own character topiary. I get so excited when the festival comes around each year, one of the things I must remind myself is you can take more than one day to see them all. But I do like to ignore that and run around the park and see everything in one day feet killing me and all. I love how they have food to guide you along the way as your taking in all the sights. The Kale Salad was amazing and I wish I could get that recipe. Thinking of my favorite place to see blue sky and a rainbow of colors.

Hope you enjoy them!!

anna elsa Collage

daisy 1 Collage


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