CINDERELLA – Coloring Sheets!!!

With CINDERELLA now playing in theatres everywhere, I wanted to share a fun packet of 9 coloring sheets inspired by the new movie!!! Click and Print them the PDF’s below the pics.

!Cinderella550366f5e882c Cinderella550368ba6aa22 Cinderella550368dbae526 Cinderella550368f7b3bfc Cinderella5503667ebd3a7 Cinderella5503687d59b29 Cinderella5503692f1d9d0 Cinderella55036744be506 Cinderella5503691428c06 Cinderella5503672414695

Cinderella_pdf_550366f5e9557 Cinderella_pdf_550368ba6c14a Cinderella_pdf_550368dbafa68 Cinderella_pdf_550368f7b5a53 Cinderella_pdf_5503667ec7021 Cinderella_pdf_5503687d5e66f Cinderella_pdf_5503692f1e7be Cinderella_pdf_55036744bf72b Cinderella_pdf_550369142a8df Cinderella_pdf_5503672419d8a

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CINDERELLA is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Thanks and Enjoy!!


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