My Summer Bucket List

With the official start of Summer here, it truly is one of my most anticipated times of the year. Now that school is almost over and the Beach season is here, it’s time to start thinking about how we will spend the most precious of days. One of the things high on my list this year is spending more time at the beaches.  I love the beaches here in Florida for many reasons, the sand is so beautiful and white,  the water is warm and the shells are plentiful. Yes we are avid shell collectors, and on both coasts of Florida, there are plenty of shells. Next on my list is some POOL TIME. This is another thing we always say we will get to but, not nearly enough. I guess the running around and the sheer laziness of summer sometimes gets in the way of that. Also high on the list is sleeping in, ignoring that alarm or not setting it at all is also an option.

I also have theme parks on my list too but, as you may know it can get quite hot in the summer walking around and waiting on lines so I also have some water parks in mind too.  But, one special new attractions is the Harry Potter, Diagon Alley opening this summer at Universal. I also heard about the a new ride at Wet and Wild – The Aqua Drag Racer that sounds amazing and we are big fans of the water rides. And we cannot forget the new ride at Magic Kingdom that sounds amazing, everyone who had ridden it says it’s their new fave, The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I plan on riding this one over and over.


I think because of the hectic school life season, my little to no time schedule may finally give way to that summer time slow down and more me time. Enjoy!

Here are some of the places on my 2014 SUMMER BUCKET LIST and in particular order.

  1. St. Pete Beach – Florida
  2. Captiva Island, Florida
  3. St Augustine, Florida
  4. Walt Disney World
  5. Universal Orlando
  6. Cocoa Beach, Florida
  7. Wet and Wild, Orlando
  8. Typhoon Lagoon
  9. Space Coast, Florida
  10. Reading
  11. Movies
  12. Ice cream
  13. Walking
  14. Making Beer
  15. Volunteer


Thanks and Have a great Summer =)


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