Safety Harbor, Florida


If you don’t know Safety Harbor, Florida it’s on the Gulf side near Tampa. I recently discovered this wonderful place on my beach quest. It’s a quaint little town that’s very peaceful and small but, big on ocean views and fun. As we discovered it, we were so surprised how beautiful it was and just really nice. This is what a beach town should be and with Starbucks, it’s very own spa and resort, and quaint little shops it can’t be beat.

SunnyDays Everyday

SunnyDays Everyday


It’s right out of small town America. It definitely has something for everyone on the each corner, how could you not want to stay a while? As we headed to the water we went down a long dock (fishing pier), we noticed the beautiful rays of sun hitting the water and in the water a “ray” just swimming around. I had never seen that before so we were in amazement, one just Frolicking below us.

Safety Harbor

Safety Harbor

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